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Dentures & Dental Implants

Restore your smile with our innovative solutions.

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Rediscover your natural-looking smile.

If it’s time to replace your dentures or you’re in need of a full-mouth restoration, our Kent, WA denturist…Learn more about Josh and Rob… has a solution for you.

  • We offer different packages for full upper and full lower dentures, depending on your needs and budget.
  • All teeth restorations at LikeLike Dentures are made specifically for your smile in our on-site lab.
  • Our fast, affordable, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing dentures help you feel like yourself again.
  • In addition to boosting confidence, full dentures help you eat, speak, and smile naturally.
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Partial Dentures

Replace your missing teeth in no time.

Partial dentures replace several missing teeth and help fill gaps. We custom design our partial dentures for aesthetics and durability, and make them right in our on-site lab.

Perfect for improving confidence, this type of denture also prevents surrounding teeth from shifting and lets you eat and speak normally.

Partial dentures help make smiles whole again.

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Dental Implants & Overdentures

A permanent solution designed for your needs.

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Our Kent, WA denturist works closely with oral surgeon Dr. Fieder at Kent Auburn Oral Surgery to give you a permanent tooth replacement option with dental implants and overdentures.

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Dental implants are the ultimate restoration for a secure fit and natural-looking smile.The surgeon places the implant, and we create and place the tooth prosthesis, AKA overdenture.

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By working with Dr. Fieder, our patients benefit from coordinated scheduling and treatment planning, plus affordable package pricing for implant-supported dentures.

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Immediate Dentures

At Lifelike Dentures, we can extract your teeth and fit you with a denture the same day!

If you’re getting your remaining teeth extracted, our on-site extractions and same-day dentures mean you’ll never be without your teeth. Our dentist, Dr. Foster Hall…Learn more about our dentist…, performs the extraction right in our office.

You’ll wear “immediate” or transitional dentures right after the surgery. While you heal we provide adjustments to the immediate denture and temporary liners included in our package price to keep you comfortable. Then, once your mouth has healed and the bone is resorbed, we create your high-quality, custom, final set of dentures.

We offer this convenient service at a cost-effective package price to help make your denture goals a reality.

Learn more about dentures.
  • What Is A Denturist?
    A denturist is a denture specialist that is educated and trained specifically for all manner of removable oral prosthetics. Denturists are licensed with Washington State Health Licensing and maintain continuing education in their field. In practice, denturists are unique because they use a hands approach that includes an on-site lab.

    These qualities enable denturists to give their full attention to denture patients, working closely with them to provide the best possible fit and function as well as provide quick on-site adjustments and faster turn around times. Denturist see patients through the entire process from impressions to fabrication to placement.

  • Why Should I See A Denturist?
    If you have problems or concerns with natural teeth you should see a dentist. If you have, or may need to have dentures you should see a denturist. A denturist uniquely serves only denture patients and as such offers higher quality care attention and expertise to denture wearers.
  • Do I Still Need To See A Dentist?
    If you have natural teeth you need to see a dentist. A denturist works around natural teeth, for example, partial dentures, but only works on or with denture prosthetics. Denturist do take patients from start to finish through the denture making process, from impressions to finished product.
  • Why Are My Dentures Loose?
    Dentures need to be relined every two years due to constant change in the mouth. A reline is maintenance on a properly functioning dentures. A reline consultation is always necessary to determine whether the fit is the only problem or if the dentures themselves need to be replaced due to wear.
  • My Dentures Were Fine, Now Its Hard To Chew, Why?
    All dentures wear out over time and need to be replaced at least every 5+ years depending on the wear of the teeth. A new set of dentures will reestablish the bite and occlusion making it much easier to cut and chew through food.
  • How Long Do Dentures Last?
    The average set of dentures last for 5 years with optimal cutting and chewing capability. Beyond this time-frame there will be a definite and continual loss of function.
  • Do You Provide Follow Up Care?
    Yes, all of our patients receive complimentary adjustments for the life of the teeth. We believe in patients being comfortable and happy. We recommend all dentures to be relined every two years to maintain fit and function. Having a reline done every two years will also lengthen the overall life of the dentures.
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