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We are a family practice with deep roots. We are in existence today because the profession was introduced to Michael Holden, by his father, Ken Holden L.D.. Ken Holden helped pioneer the profession in Oregon and Washington making the way for us today.  In addition to formal education Michael was an apprentice to his father, giving him the unique advantage of his father's 40 years experience.  Being originally from Eugene, OR we are familiar with the northwest and we are thankful to be serving the south Puget Sound from our Kent and Federal Way locations. As a denturist practice we focus completely on dentures and the needs of denture patients.  Michael considers his strengths as a denturist to be caring for and communicating with patients and providing accurate fit and function of dentures. 
In our pursuit to provide the best care and quality for our patients we created a partnership with dentist, Dr. Foster Hall.  Dr. Hall fits in nicely with our practice because of his value for family, patient care and expertise in oral surgery and extractions.  Among other accomplishments, Dr. Hall spent 10 years as an assistant professor and then associate professor at the University of Washington and also as a staff member of the Seattle VA Medical Center. He also owned and ran his own practice in Spokane for 20 years.  The partnership of a denturist and a dentist performing surgery in a shared office space allows for the highest quality treatment planning and patient care. In the tradition of Michael's father, and together with Dr. Hall we pride ourselves on providing thoughtful care and a great product.

                                                                 Denturist Michael Holden, Education and Experience


  • Bachelors Degree, University of Oregon   
  • George Brown Technical College, Denturist Program    
  • Licensed Denturist in Oregon
  • Licensed Denturist in Washington
  • 12 years denturist experience
  • Member of Washington Denturist Association
  • Member of National Denturist Association


                                                                          Dentist, Dr. Foster Hall, Education and Experience


  • University of Washington Dental School
  • U.S. Army, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington D.C
  • Surgical Specialty of Periodontics, University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio, TX
  • Assistant Professor and Associate Professor, University of Washington
  • Staff Member, Seattle VA Medical Center
  • Owner/Operator of dental practice, Spokane, WA, 20 years


What To Expect
Expect knowledge, expertise, thoughtful care and lifelike denture that you can be confident in.

Article About Lifelike Dentures
Voice of the Valley, Maple Valley and Covington, Wa, August 14, 2012 

Lifelike Dentures is a new family practice with deep roots.  Denturist, Michael Holden, leads the practice.  Michael grew up in the world of dentures.  He has many memories of the smell of burnt wax used to create denture models, a lab full of utensils, machines and hand-held instruments known only to those intimate with the denture making process.  The images of shelves of prosthetic teeth and case pans were a familiar scene.  He inherited the profession from his father, Ken Holden L.D., who helped pioneer Denturism in Oregon and Washington.  

Michael has found that what his father always said is true, “it is nice to have this skill.”  Michael and his wife have had many adventures together and practicing Denturism has always been a blessing.  Most recently, since having their first child, a baby girl in 2011, they began pursuing running their own denture business.  The pursuit of this business led them to Sam Weisanant and S&W Denture Center in Kent, WA.  Sam, a fellow colleague in Denturism, was looking to retire and wanted the business he began to continue successfully.  Beginning May 1, 2012 the Holden’s officially began Lifelike Dentures, a new practice that picks up where Sam left off.  Sam had a special relationship with many of his patients.  Since taking over his practice, there is continual word from colleagues and patients about how much they enjoyed him.  Michael and his wife, along with Anna Drylaga, Sam’s former front office manager, want to continue in Sam’s legacy of patient care and successful practice.

Michael and Maegan Holden undertook their own denture practice with a vision larger than just making dentures.  It is their hope that Lifelike Dentures will not only be a blessing to their family, but that it will bless their patients and provide opportunity to bless the community as well. 

When you come to Lifelike Dentures you can expect to be warmly welcomed and made at home.  Michael’s wife, Maegan enjoys decorating the office, planting flowers and creating an inviting environment for their patients.  Michael, his wife and Anna understand the value of hospitality and the importance of a caring, relaxing environment. 

Their patient process is made simple with flexible scheduling, package pricing and acceptance of dental insurance.  Michael only uses the best quality of materials.  Ivoclar, the industry leader in both durability and lifelike appearance supplies all of the teeth used in their dentures.  Michael is also skilled in implant dentures, partials, relines, repairs and all other removable oral prosthetics.

Lifelike Dentures and Michael Holden would not be here today if not for Michael’s father, Ken and brother-in-law Todd Young L.D.  Michael learned from his father’s dinner-time conversation, the dedication and problem solving that it takes to make an excellent denture and a happy patient.  Like most young men, Michael had the desire to make his own way in the world and though he grew up around the profession, he was not certain he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps.  In the process of deciding what he would do, Michael attended the University of Oregon, earning major duck fan status (sorry huskies) and a bachelor’s degree in English. 

With certain marriage to his high school sweetheart and fellow duck fan Maegan, Michael was faced with the reality of the “real world.”  It was then that Michael began to see and appreciate something his father had lived, been blessed by and was able to bless others with, Denturism.  Michael enrolled in George Brown Technical College to study Denturism.  In 2004 Michael graduated from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor’s Degree in English and got married in the fall of that year.  Michael became a licensed denturist in the state of Oregon in 2006.

Since becoming licensed Michael worked for his brother-in-law and father at Natural Dentures.  He ran offices in Salem, Corvallis and West Linn, OR.  As Michael began to practice denturism it quickly became obvious to patients and co-workers that Michael loves working with patients.  For him, this is the most rewarding and engaging part of what he does.  He loves helping patients who have been miserable and uncomfortable with their dentures, discover how comfortable and confident they can feel in their new dentures.  Michael is also very aware of how difficult it can be to get things, “totally on,” as he says.  He tweaks checks and re-checks to make sure a patient is satisfied and that his own quality standards are met. The Holden’s decided on the name Lifelike Dentures because that is their standard and Michael works hard with patients to achieve it.

Making dentures is a two part process.  It requires working with the patient to choose the right appearance and obtain the correct function, all while creating the denture in an on-site lab from impressions to a finished product.  While working with people comes naturally to Michael, the skill of making a denture is one he has learned through diligent training from his father and his technical education from George Brown Technical College.  The education Michael received from his father is priceless in the world of denture making.  Michael’s father struggled for years navigating all of the pit falls and difficulties of constructing a denture and in doing so amassed a wealth of knowledge and skill.  Ken Holden L.D. passed all of those treasures on to his son as well as a continued willingness to learn new techniques.  Patients can be sure that when they come to Lifelike Dentures they are getting the best quality care and denture construction.

Lifelike Dentures is located in what used to be S&W Denture Center, on 25052 104th SE Ave, Suite G, Kent, WA, 98030.  Lifelike Dentures has maintained the same phone number as S&W Denture Center (253)813-8000.  Michael is at the office Monday through Friday 9-5pm.  Michael and Lifelike Dentures are ready to serve all your denture needs, providing a lifelike denture you can be confident in.


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